While working on crossword puzzles, learning a foreign language, playing an instrument, creating art, or doing calculus in your spare time will certainly help your brain generate fresh neurons, there is something better than the rest. There is a “brain-building” king of the hill.

Then, what’s the very best way to harness the brain’s ability to reinvent itself while taking full advantage of the wonderful array of benefits neurogenesis has to offer?

Meditation. If you want to boost your memory, multiply your learning ability, send your IQ to the moon, perfect your mental health, all while becoming a much happier and healthier person — then meditation is your number one draft pick.

In this article we explore:

Why meditation offers your brain the perfect environment for neurogenesis to flourish.

Where neurogenesis occurs in the brain and its inseparable link to meditation.

How meditation's "neuron infusion" lifts the brain high above the dark valley of depression.

How neurogenesis gets our "dull" senses reactivated: food tastes better, smell improves, the boring and mundane magically becomes fresh and new, old thinking habits fall away, and more.

Why cranking up hippocampal neurons through meditation is such a powerful tool for great memory and super-learning.

And much more.