Working Together

Collaborate across disciplines. Connect and work together on research projects with researchers from around the world.

Pharm drugs

Join research teams, share your knowledge and expertise, ideas and insights, and provide guidance, especially to emerging professionals who may have limited experience and resources.

Get your drug observations to reach pharma scientists who work on neuroregeneration and stroke treatment, encouraging the development of better therapies with improved efficacy and fewer risk profiles. believes in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to drive innovation in stroke research. We encourage researchers, clinicians, life scientists, and AI developers to come together and work on impactful projects.

Opportunities for Collaboration:

  • Multi-Specialty Research Projects: Explore the intersection of neuroregeneration, stroke recovery, and aging processes through multi-specialty research projects.

  • Innovative AI-Based Solutions: Leverage our large language model (LLM)-based system for drug discovery tasks, identifying potential therapeutic molecules and aiding in target identification.

  • Clinical and Pre-Clinical Trials: Collaborate on the development and testing of novel therapies for stroke recovery, utilizing our benchmark multimodal datasets.

If you are passionate about making a difference in stroke research and are interested in collaborative opportunities, reach out to us to explore potential projects and partnerships.