Sharing Data

Join the data collaboration initiative. Share data and knowledge for medical progress and support research in the field.

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The initiative provides incentives for clinicians on the front lines of care and researchers in the lab to share important data and updates, accelerating medical progress.

Interactions on facilitate researching findings and clinical evidence dissemination, identifying and recruiting participants for trials, and collecting field insights around diseases to help achieve improved health outcomes. is committed to advancing stroke research by facilitating the sharing of valuable data. We invite healthcare institutions, research organizations, and other stakeholders to participate in our Data Collaboration Initiative. By sharing your datasets on stroke, you contribute to a comprehensive, benchmark multimodal reference platform.

Benefits of Sharing Data:

  • Contribute to Scientific Advancements: Your data can play a crucial role in unraveling the complexities of stroke and aging-related neurodegeneration.

  • Collaborate with Leading Researchers: Join a network of like-minded professionals and researchers working towards a common goal of improving stroke therapies and neuroregeneration.

  • Access to Benchmark Datasets: Gain access to a diverse range of clinical and pre-clinical data, neuroimaging, genetic profiles, proteomic data, and metabolomic signatures.

If you have stroke-related datasets and are interested in joining our initiative, reach out to learn more about the process and benefits.